Social awareness

Social awareness:
When travelling off the beaten track, we are making an impression on the local people we come into contact with, and we have a moral obligation to ensure it is a positive one. In the remote mountain areas people need warm clothing, school books, medical equipment - the list is long. One of the aims of this particular tour is to determine how and where we can help make a difference by improving the lives of the local people in remote mountain villages, without spoiling their culture.

Charities we support:
Whether or not you participate in one of our adventures, you have the possibility to save lives by sponsoring the charity Against Malaria, where 100% of donations go towards distributing mosquito nets in affected areas world wide. More...

We also support Githabais Venner, a Danish/Kenyan initiative, founded by Ulrik Petersen's daughter, born in Kenya. Ulrik Petersen started a school and a local community on his farm in Kenya and he was also an important factor during the early days of our own overland expeditions in Africa. By supporting Githabai's Venner( Friends of Githabai), we know the money goes directly to local projects of building wells and supporting schools, without the administrative burden of larger organisations.

And in Bourkina Faso there is an opportunity to help build a school, wells, and to support the great humanitarian work of Keith and Lynne of Acacia Partneship Trust in this remote part of the world.

For remote villages in Morocco we have a support program on the drawing board...:A charity, Ourika.Org, is being created as we learn that (used) medical equipment is badly needed by the altruistic local village doctor, who helps the poor people free of charge, and even for pays their medication...

And it has inspired our Ambulance & Mobile Clinic project Details: Ambulance project

UPDATE November 2012:
The late Doctor of the Poor, our good friend Mohammed Alouah, has died. His unexpected disappearance has left an immense gap in the whole Ourika valley considering the huge amount of help he used to grant people. His oustanding and unblemished reputation will, undoubtedly, live on forever. People are mourning him everywhere and refer to him as "The doctor of the poor".

Our ambulance project is on ice ... but we hope that at least we can help the local people in one way or another.

Other charities: Cancer Support France (CSF)